Hello,  my name is Diamond,

and I’m the proud founder and co-owner of The Secret Dance Studio, which is, on paper, a dance studio specializing in pole athletics and dance lessons. However, in the words and eyes of my staff and students, it’s also a sisterhood, a family, and a community of strong, confident, SEXY and FUN women of all cultural, age and professional backgrounds – and SIZES.


Yessss… whether you are a skinny mini or a voluptuous vixen, young and restless or a seasoned senior diva, fair and lovely or dark and beautiful, the Secret is a dance studio that turns EVERY female into a fierce, foxy starlet (while she gets a workout that she AIN’T NEVER had before, you best believe!).


BUT… we ALSO turn around lifestyles! So many of my Secret Sisters tell me that their experience at the Secret is life-changing. They tell me that they feel empowered, confident and of course, SEXY as hell while taking their Secret classes – AND… they always leave the Secret feeling more empowered and confident to tackle the challenges in their everyday lives too.


You must join our studio!!! We build STRONG, SEXY, ROCKSTAR women – body, mind and spirit!!!